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GETTING HR RIGHT: INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR? OR EMPLOYEE? BY: PATRICIA PANNELL, J.D., CO-FOUNDER GOTCHA COVERED HR, LLC It's an issue that continues to confound and perplex small business owners - am I okay hiring an independent contractor to perform ...
Iron. One of the most common elements in the world, and a necessary mineral in the human diet. It is also abundant in much of our water supply, and while a necessary nutrient, can create problems in your home and business when present in the water you ...
Have you wondered how to detect and test for contaminants in your water? Has arsenic been reported in your community’s well water? It’s time for a lesson on arsenic. Arsenic is a naturally occurring element, and is found in soil, rocks and minerals ...
Did you know that water can vary by neighborhood, city and state? The water entering an apartment in New York City can be very different than the water in rural Washington State. Geography plays a major part in water quality. It can be a tricky thing. ...
Water quality, particularly well water, is sometimes affected by natural, organic sources. Does your water have a bitter taste or a musty odor? Is it yellow in color? If this describes your water, tannins may be the culprit. Tannins are natural substances ...

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