Independent Culligan Dealer Membership In CDANA

Dealer Memberships

Are you the owner of an independent Culligan Franchise Dealership? Success is a result of a unified voice and the independent dealers working together from across North America to ensure quality products and services. 

CDANA is an organization working to assist and maintain high standards for our dealerships and to provide a positive and strong voice to our franchisor.

CDANA is committed to providing members with information needed to succeed in a competitive and highly marketed industry. 

Whether its information, education, quality control, representation, networking, or sharing best business practices and ideas, CDANA is behind its members. 

Join the important and vital group today and become part of the independent Culligan Dealers united voice for progress.


  • United Voice of Independent Culligan Dealers
  • Annual Convention & Product Fair
  • Access to the CDANA Online Community and Business Resource Library
  • Culligan Connection Magazine and Newsletters
  • Access and engagement of members throughout North America 
  • Access to our Associate Vendor Partners with some of the best products/services to the industry



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CDANA Associate Membership

Vendor Partners To CDANA

We are always looking for Associate Members that fit well within our dealer network and whose products and services help the dealer network grow their businesses. The Culligan Dealers Association of North America, Inc. (CDANA) is a group of over 500 members representing the overwhelming majority of independent Culligan Dealer franchises. Franchises range from very small businesses to extremely large operations. Formed in 1992, CDANA has continued to grow in size and in value of what we offer our members. If you feel that your company is a good fit for CDANA, please contact us. CDANA does have a brief approval process. If you have already been approved you can join below.


  • Access to Independent Culligan Dealers Throughout North America
  • Member Rates to CDANA's Annual Conventions
  • Culligan Connection Magazine and Newsletters
  • Networking opportunities with the best water treatment franchise in North America



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