Sales Contest

You can earn a four-day/three-night trip for two to the beautiful Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Hotel and Resort, located in Nassau, Bahamas. Enjoy world-class restaurants, exciting nightlife, beautifully landscaped pools, and the largest casino in the Caribbean, all steps away from the turquoise waters of one of the most pristine beaches in The Bahamas.
The Culligan Water 2023 Getting Connected Bahamas Sales Incentive runs from August through October 2022. All sales reps who report on time and are properly licensed by August 31st are eligible to register, participate, and win. 

Here is how it works. Every participant must register for the incentive AND be properly licensed and reporting into Performance Plus by August 31st. Winners will be selected based on TOTAL points as reported into Performance Plus during the 3-month incentive period. It's that simple! Sell or rent as much as you can during the incentive, and you can be a winner!
We will award 50 trips for two to the Bahamas, divided into groups as follows:

Trip Awards:
  • Top 40 Household Sales Reps
  • Top 5 Commercial/Industrial Sales Reps
  • Top 2 Bottled Water Sales Reps
  • Top 3 Commerical Drinking Water Reps (Ascent and Peak Ice sales only)

Performance Plus Awards
Even if you don't earn a trip... you can still win! The next 50 reps (broken down in exactly the same manner as outlined above) will earn points deposited into their Performance Plus account worth between 500 and 150 points. See details below.

Add it up, that is 50 grand prize trip winners (with a guest) and 50 runner-up point winners for 100 total winners in the Get Connected Bahamas Sales Incentive!

Every incentive program must have rules, so here is the 'small print':
1. REGISTER. YOU MUST REGISTER BY AUGUST 31ST, 2022 TO BE ELIGIBLE. Completely fill out the registration form (you can download below) and return it to Cheryl Liszka in Rosemont. You must be registered for the incentive and also have earned your Sales License from Performance Plus by august 31st. Registration fee is $50 per person (for Canadian dealers, this will be billed in Canadian dollars), which will be billed to your dealership's account.

Dealers will be asked to share in half of the cost of the trip incentive: $1,400 per person if only the winner goes, $2,100 total if the winner brings a guest. (This is half the cost of the total trip, Culligan International will fund the other half.) Important note: Upon submitting a registration form for the incentive, you will receive a confirmation from Cheryl. If you do not receive the confirmation, you are not registered for the incentive and will not be included in the fun. Be sure to watch for the confirmation to ensure we received your registration. 

2. REPORTED CLAIMS. This promotion starts Monday, August 1st, and includes sales starting on this date. Be on time each month with your reporting. Because Performance Plus is an automated system, we cannot enter claims retroactively. All claims must be entered into Performance Plus by EOD Friday, October 28th for SOLD and INSTALLED units and approved by EOD on November 4th to count for this incentive. Any sold unit that is NOT installed and put into Performance Plus by EOD Friday, October 28th will not count towards this contest. Keep in mind that installs for a given month can be entered at any time, and even multiple times during the month... so don't wait until the last minute! Leaderboards will be updated weekly in Performance Plus to reflect standings starting the week of August 15th. 

3. TOP ACHIEVERS WIN! Sell or rent the most in your group, and you win! Household Sales Reps must have at least 50 units sold and installed by October 28th and approved in Performance Plus by November 4th to qualify for the trip.


Trip Awards:
Those who win a trip will earn the following:

  • Roundtrip airfare for two to Nassau (NAS) airport. Airfare will be the lowest reasonable coach fare and must be booked through Culligan's designated travel agency. Non-stop flights will be booked when possible, but a connection may be included, at Culligan's discretion. Ground Transportation between the hotel and Nassau (NAS) airport will also be provided. Important Note: A passport is required to enter the Bahamas. Passports cannot expire within 3 months of your return date to the United States or Canada.
  • 3 nights accommodations at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Resort. Accommodations are for Saturday, February 25th - Tuesday, February 28th (check-out is on Tuesday).
  • $300 hotel voucher credit per person or $600 hotel voucher credit per couple, good for meals and several activities and excursions on the resort.
  • A special Sunday brunch celebration is included. All other meals are on your own. You may use your hotel voucher credit (see above) to include meals at the dozens of restaurants on the resort. 
  • All participants must abide by the local COVID guidelines at the time of the trip. This may include proof of a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination. We will keep winners informed of the current guidelines closer to the trip date.
  • A great time at a fabulous new resort in the beautiful Bahamas with other all-star Culligan Sales Reps!

Performance Plus Awards:
For those who do not earn a trip, you may still win Performance Plus points deposited into your Performance Plus account as follows:

  • Household Sales Reps
    • Next 20 Household Sales Reps will earn 500 PP points
    • Next 10 Household Sales Reps will earn 250 PP points
    • Next 10 Household Sales Reps will earn 150 PP points
  • Commercial/Industrial Sales Reps
    • Next 3 Commerical/Industrial Sales Reps will earn 500 PP points
    • Next Commercial/Industrial Sales Rep will earn 250 PP points
    • Next Commercial/Industrial Sales Rep will earn 150 PP Points
  • Bottled Water Sales Reps
    • Next Bottled Water Sales Rep will earn 500 PP points
    • Next Bottled Water Sales Rep will earn 250 PP points
    • Next Bottled Water Sales Rep will earn 150 PP points
  • Commerical Drinking Water Reps (Ascent and Peak Ice sales only)
    • Next Commercial Drinking Water Rep will earn 500 PP points
    • Next Commercial Drinking Water Rep will earn 250 PP points
    • Next Commerical Drinking Water Rep will earn 150 PP points

5. ELIGIBILITY. You must be a Culligan licensed sales rep, in good standing, as of August 31st, 2022. Additionally, you must be employed by the Culligan dealership which registered you for the incentive... at the time of award (whether that be the trip or the deposit into the Performance Plus account). In the event you do not fulfill both requirements, you are not eligible to win.

The intent of this incentive program is to stimulate growth and reward those who strive to drive additional growth. Like all incentive programs, the concept is to make this program as fair as possible for everyone. Therefore, if we find that a rule needs to be amended or points reported by a participant, we will do so to create a more even playing field. there is no cash equivalent for any of the prizes, all prizes are non-transferable.

All Us winners will be issued a 1099 form at the end of the year. Awards will be subject to IRS and/or Canada Revenue Service reporting regulations, and all participants will be required to provide their Social Security Number/Social Insurance Number (Canada).

Additionally, we will be conducting ongoing audits during the program. You must keep a copy of the sales order showing the actual installation date for each unit being reported in our Performance Plus recognition program. Remember: you may only report a unit when it has been installed. Anything not installed in the month in which the sales order was written should be reported when the installation is completed. We will be requesting those copies throughout the contest on a random basis, and all winners of trips may be audited. Any inaccuracies in documentation provided, or failure to provide copies of sales orders on a timely basis may result in forfeiture of that month's results.

We are looking forward to great sales results, lots of fun, and great payoffs for everyone. Please be sure to get your registration forms submitted, and... 
Hope to see you in the Bahamas!