2023 CDANA Convention


2023 CDANA Convention & Product Fair ·
Grand Hyatt Baha Mar · Feb 26, 2023 - Mar. 3, 2023

"Aruba, Jamaica... oh I want to take you... Bermuda, Bahama... come on pretty mama! Off the Florida Keys there's a place called BAHA MAR!..."

Dear fellow Culligan Dealers and Associate partners,

Who better than to tell us the TIME is NOW to go to a tropical oasis than the Beach Boys! At our last Culligan International Convention in 2016, many of us were able to celebrate the birthday of Emmet J Culligan's 80th year as a system with the Beach Boys. Lots has happened since that time: a couple of years on auto-pilot and now WE ARE BACK and boy do we deserve it! It's time to celebrate! Why? Because we delivered, made homes/businesses better during the pandemic, and grew our brand. We had an extremely successful convention in Austin and with our partner, Culligan International, we proved that we can get through almost anything... we prevailed! I am so proud to be part of this system. I have always looked up to those who have made CDANA what it is and what an honor I have to lead this association for the next two years. I have worked in every part of the Culligan business and I understand its invaluable worth... YOU! We are all more than the sum of our parts! Unfortunately, and fortunately, I know this on a very personal scale! But I didn't quit, and neither did any dealer in this system during the pandemic/ recession/ you name it. WE WORKED harder than ever! We proved that we are all essential to all our customers, and it paid off! The brand is in a better position than ever, and our owners understand we are the foundation of their worth!

Today, we are launching a much-talked-about convention in the Bahamas at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in Nassau. Our Convention Committee is not joking around when they say, "We will never top this!" We have an opportunity to learn and grow in a beautiful location... like never before, but also to CELEBRATE who we are as a system. You can now book your rooms, register, and plan to be all in on the best celebration we have ever had as a system. 

I thank our partner, Culligan International, for making this happen and so many of our Associate partners who are ALL IN.
Let's do this:

Steve Gibson - Kendallville, IN
CDANA President