Power of Positive Leadership

MARCH 20-24, 2022


Dear Dealers,

I am very excited to announce that CDANA is bringing the Power of Positive Leadership Training Certification program developed by Jon Gordon and presented by Julie Nee to the dealer network one day prior to the CDANA Convention in Austin, Texas! I was fortunate enough to take this training last summer and since, several of our dealers have also participated and we feel that this program is not only a great way increase your own personal growth as a leader, but will also improve your teams in your dealerships! This training is typically $600 plus travel per person and CDANA is underwriting a portion of these fees so that dealers and staff can take this course for $279 per person and be combined with your convention participation! We think this is is a great value add opportunity for you and your staff! As Jon Gordon says, “ Positive Leaders Create and Share a Positive Vision.” Spaces for this program are limited and will be taken on a first come, first reserve basis! We hope you will get registered today!

Stay positive,
Jennifer Gibson Hebert
Executive Director


Build a great culture, lead with optimism, overcome negativity, develop a connected and committed team and achieve superior Screen_Shot_2019-11-25_at_11_04_26_AM.pngresults. 

The research is clear. Being a positive leader is not just a nice way to lead. It's the way to lead if you want to build a great culture, unite your organization in the face of change and adversity, develop a connected and committed team and achieve your goals. 

Screen_Shot_2019-11-25_at_11_04_34_AM.pngYou'll learn skills to enhance your leadership capability and leave with a practical action plan to bring out the best in yourself and your team. You'll discover the key principles and practices of the greatest leaders throughout history and incorporate them into your own leadership style. In the process you'll discover that being a positive leader not only makes you better - It makes everyone around you better.

The Power of Positive Leadership Training is an interactive program facilitated by a certified Power of Positive Leadership trainer that gives leaders and aspiring leaders the necessary tools to:

  • Create a strong, positive culture. Screen_Shot_2019-11-25_at_11_05_11_AM.png
  • Develop a positive mindset and reduce stress to enhance your daily leadership interactions. 
  • Create a positive vision and apply engagement strategies to help your team achieve that vision. 
  • Overcome fear and thrive through challenges and change. 
  • Implement strategies to transform and remove negativity.
  • Communicate and connect more effectively to build relationships, trust and a more united and committed team.
  • Implement proven principles to drive excellence and enhance performance. 



Julie W. Nee

Topic Expertise:

The Energy Bus / Driver of Positive Change
The Power of Positive Leadership
The Power of a Positive Team
Love. Serve. Care
Culture of Greatness

Julie is a leader, motivator and a passionate teacher of all things positivity. Heart-Centered leadership and enthusiasm are her trademarks. She brings a high level of energy and passion to every group she engages. Julie weaves personal anecdotes with relevant calls to action for each specific audience. 

Julie brings 25 years of business experience in Sales, Sales Leadership and Marketing, including 19 years at The Hershey Company building business, leading teams and developing people. This experience is the foundation for connecting and engaging with clients around their real business challenges and opportunities. Julie has worked with clients across a wide variety of industries to drive positive change into their organizations. 

In Addition to Keynote speaking, julie leads our Training team at The Jon Gordon Companies, and is the co-creator (along with jon Gordon) of our Power of Positive Leadership training program. Julie Focuses her Sessions on helping each organization, team and individual build more positive minds, teams and cultures.