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Logan Water Conditioning, Inc.
Logan Water Conditioning, Inc.

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Logan Water Conditioning, Inc.


A second generation dealer, Ben grew up in the dealership banging tanks, sweeping floors, delivering PE tanks to basements throughout northern Utah,  and wondering how anyone could describe a 160 lb tank as ‘portable’. 
After high school and telling his father ‘to hell with it, I’m not doing this any more’ he moved to Wyoming for a couple years before returning to get his BS degree from Utah State University.  Working his way through college on the 7-year plan, after graduation he was set for a final interview in Crested Butte CO when his Dad called and the conversation began about him buying the dealership. 
Like most Culligan dealers, everything changed at that point.  Looking back there is wonder to how different life would have been had he not bought out his Uncle and Father and begin a journey with water. According to Ben, ‘it has brought great joy being a Culligan Man!’ 
Ben owns and operates one small dealership in Logan UT.  An avid cyclist, involved in various community groups, Ben has served on the SAC, DAC, C&I, and probably others, and encourages all dealers do the same!