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Culligan Connection Magazine is the professional organizational communication media for all Culligan Dealers in North America, Inc. Culligan Connection features informational and educational articles of interest to all phases of the independent Culligan dealer operation. Culligan Connection includes timely information covering issues, events, people, companies, products, and services. Culligan Connection is the perfect connection to independent Culligan dealers. Culligan Connection is a JSJ Productions, Inc. trade publication and is provided complimentary to all independent Culligan dealers of North America. It also goes to paying subscribers.


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Publication Schedule  Ad Submission Deadline                                      

•Winter Issue 2018                                         February 15, 2018
•Spring Issue 2018                                         April 1, 2018
•Summer Issue 2018                                      July 15, 2018
•Fall Issue 2018                                              October 15, 2018

Sponsorships for Bi-Monthly Electronic CDANA Newsletter

Don't miss another great opportunity to get in front of the Independent Culligan Dealers! Sponsor CDANA's e-Newsletter! There are currently 6 issues a year. Those who sponsor will get a banner ad that links to your website or particular product/ service you are wanting to promote online! In addition, you can add a press release or article about your company and or products/services! Each CDANA Newsletter can be exclusively sponsored for $500* per issue!

Schedule                                                       Deadline        
Issue 1, 2018                                              February 1, 2018
Issue 2, 2018                                              April 1, 2018
Issue 3, 2018                                          July 1, 2018
Issue 4, 2018                                              September 1, 2018
Issue 5, 2018                                              November 1, 2018
Issue 6, 2018                                              December 1, 2018

*Exclusive sponsorships are sold based on the earliest commitment. We generally see all of the sponsorships at the beginning of the year! Banner Advertising is NOW AVAILABLE!

Home Page Top Premier Banner (Includes Interior & App)      $500 Per Month
Home Page Right Premier Banner (Includes Interior)              $300 Per Month
Home Page Bottom Premier Banner (Includes Interior).          $300 Per Month

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